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Poker Rakeback mistakes you should avoid

At first sight a very large rakeback percentage might seem like the perfect deal, since it looks so attractive. The truth is that a great headline with a high rakeback percentage might not be an excellent deal in case you are planning to take everything into consideration over the long term.

In this article we are planning to offer you some of the most important rakeback mistakes that you can make. By knowing what the mistakes that can be done are, it’s going to be easier for you to avoid doing them.

Poker Rakeback Mistake #1 – Choosing the wrong poker room

There are currently many online poker players out there that are going to sign up for an online poker room just because they are offering a good rakeback percentage and they will not have a look at what that poker room has to offer.

You need to make sure that you sign up for an online poker room that is offering a good rakeback percentage but at the same time you must make sure that you are dealing with a well-established and reputable poker room.

You should always know a good amount of information about the online poker room that you are planning to sign up with. Some might offer you an incredibly high rakeback deal, but at the same time they might have very little players.

Usually when the rakeback deal is too high (40% or higher), there is something fishy around and you have to investigate that before signing up.

For instance, one of the poker rooms that I suggest for US poker players is For a long time, they did not offer any rakeback program, but they now offer a 35% rakeback program that is paid daily. Use the Bonus Code: 35CARBON in order to receive this.

Poker Rakeback Mistake #2 –Too much multi-table action

Some online poker players are starting to see the benefits that a player will get from signing up for a rakeback deal and they will start doing some multi-table sessions in order to improve the rakeback that they are going to get.

When you are playing at more than one table you should be able to handle all the games that you are playing. This means that you shouldn’t force yourself too much and play at too many tables at once.

Poker Rakeback Mistake #3 – Have a look at the other promotions too

The online poker rooms are packed with tons of other promotions along with the rakeback. This is the reason why we suggest that you take into consideration the other promotions like sign up bonus, loyalty rewards program, freerolls and others, the moment when you are planning to sign up for a room.

Poker Rakeback Mistake #4 – Check out the cash out procedures

The online poker rooms that you sign up with must have a good history regarding the experience that other members had while trying to cash out their earnings. And this means that you should always take into consideration the cash out payment methods before signing up for an online poker room.

Even if they do offer some nice promotions and a good rakeback deal, you must also make sure that you will be able to cash out your winnings out of an online poker room. Usually the small and less popular poker rooms are going to have some cash out procedures that are very slow and difficult; these are the rooms from which you must stay away.

Poker Rakeback Mistake #5 – Thinking that rakeback is not that important for micro stake games

There are many players out there that are thinking that while playing at the micro stakes games, you will not going to have a rewarding rakeback experience. The truth is that rakeback is not something that is great for the mid or high stakes players only. Even if you are a beginner and you are only playing at some very low stakes, you will still be able to cash in some nice money by signing up with a rakeback deal.

Different Types of Poker Games

Poker Games are not only a games that may bring you a lot of cash in your pocket, but they can also give you a lot of full of excitement hours and new friends. The Poker Games are not just a games – these are huge groups of card games played in order to bet on the cards that players receive or form with the help of the cards dealt in the center of the table.

The Poker Games can be differentiated into three groups according to the way the cards are dealt.

Community Card Games – this type of games use board cards – a number of cards dealt in the middle of the table in order to be used by all of the players to form their best hands. This group consists the most popular Poker Games, played both online and offline.

This includes Texas Holdem, Omaha, Cincinnati, Pineapple and many more. The two most popular versions are Texas Holdem and Omaha.

  1. Texas Holdem – this game is played with two hole cards and five community cards. The object is to form the best hand by any combinations between these cards. The game starts with Blinds and has four betting rounds.
  2. Omaha High – this game is similar to Texas Holdem, but instead of two hole cards are dealt four. The betting structure is the same. The players must form their hands by two of their hole cards and three of the community cards.
  3. Cincinnati – in this game five cards are dealt face down to each player, with five more dealt face down in the center of the table. The community cards are exposed one at a time, with a betting round after each one. In the showdown, each player may select any five cards from among his hand and the five cards in the widow.
  4. Pineapple – this game is similar to Texas Holdem. Each player is dealt three hole cards at the start. The community cards are five, dealt in the middle of the table. One of these cards is discarded before the flop or after the flop, which is the more common version. The betting is the same as Holdem. At the showdown, a player can use any combination of his remaining two cards and the boardcards. A player who still has three cards in his hand at the showdown has a dead hand.

Another kind of Poker Game is played at USA Online Poker and offline:

Stud Games – this type of games doesn’t use board cards. Each player receives the same number of cards, depending on the variation they play. They use their cards to form their best 5-card hand. This group consists Poker Games such as 7 card stud, 5 card stud, 6 card stud, Straight Poker.

  1. 7 card stud – this is the most played stud poker game at card rooms. It is played with seven cards – three down-cards and four up-cards. There are five betting rounds and the game starts with an ante.
  2. 5 card stud – it is also called “open”, because one or more cards dealt to each player is openly visible to everyone. The first card is dealt face down to each player. Four more are dealt face up with a betting round after each. The best high hand wins the showdown.
  3. 6 card stud – it’s the same as 5 card stud but here the players receive one extra card. The first card is dealt face down to each player. Four more are dealt face up with a betting round after each. A sixth card is dealt face down to each active player, followed by a final betting round. You may use any five of your six cards to form your poker hand in the showdown. The best high hand wins the pot.
  4. Straight poker – This is the simplest form of poker, and probably the most ancient. Five cards are dealt face down to each player. There is one betting round, after which the highest poker hand takes the pot.

Many of these poker games can be played both online and offline, despite the fact that playing poker in California is currently illegal like many states in the US. These are just some of the endless combinations of different ways to play poker. There are also Triple Draw games where you get to draw multiple times in the same hand and Razz games where the object is to receive the worst hand.

You will also find other options that are available for each game. For instance, some poker games like Omaha and 7 Card Stud offer a split pot for the Low Hand winner. In order for the Low Hand to be in play, the player has to have 8 high or lower. In a community card game, the low hand will not be in play unless there are 3 community cards that are ranked 8 and lower.

Just remember, you will always be a beginner when you try taking up a new poker game. There are particular strategies and tactics that are unique to the particular card game. You will only become more familiar with these games through practice. The advantage of learning a variety of games is that you will have an edge on those players who only play Texas Holdem seriously.

Simple Online Poker Tips

If you feel like you’re in a rut when it comes to playing poker, there are some simple things that you can do to get you moving in the right direction again. The following tips are very easy to follow for even the novice poker player.

Joining an online poker site is simple

You can play free games without giving any credit card information. You should play the free games for a while to get the hang of how the game plays, what buttons to click, what happens when you click a button that you aren’t sure what it does. The free games have almost no value in learning to play to win though.

They are excellent for a novice, offering a way to practice calculating basic odds and discovering the relative strengths of hands. Positional is key when playing this game. You will find that some hands that you would fold in early position might be good raising hands in the late position of the game.

Sometimes you must bluff

You must do this from time to time so you don’t look like a weak player. A simple raise when you haven’t played in 10 hands will chase all the weak hands away. No one wins Online Texas Hold’ em tournament today without bluffing, but it must be used appropriately and at the right time. If you bluff and get re-raised, be careful as the opponent may have drawn a good hand.

Also, don’t call an all-in bet heads-up unless you have a real hand, since it’s likely that your opponent also has a very strong hand and is deliberately trying to pull you in. It’s best to have a good hand and to be the one calling the other player all-in, if possible.

Find the strong poker players

Within the first 20 hands that are played, you should have a really good understanding about the other players at the table. At least one or two of them will play aggressively. You’ll soon discover whom the strong poker players are at the table. As tempting as it is, try to resist the temptation of trying to beat them at risk of losing sight of the other aspects of your game.

Be aware of pot odds

There is a certain number of outs you have to estimate if calling is a positive expected value play – count the number of outs. In loose games, outdrawing becomes much more important, but then the pots are so big that you usually have odds for any half way reasonable draw anyway.

Don’t be afraid to raise

There are certain situations where you are setting yourself up for a big loss if you do not raise a strong hand. This will get most of the weaker hands that may get lucky (people trying to draw flush or straight) out of the hand before it becomes an issue. You want to raise when you have the top two pair on the turn, but if the board is three-suited (this could be a threat) do not raise.

If you’re having a bad time at the tables, take a break

You take refreshment breaks when you are playing with friends or at the casino. Likewise, you should take breaks while playing online.

I find that people lose the most money when they have lost discipline and are trying to force their luck. This happens most often at the end of a frustrating night. Before any of that happens, you have to realize that your luck wasn’t good that night and it wasn’t that you were playing bad.

Don’t chase away the bad players

If you have found a person that consistently plays bad cards, don’t mock them or get mad at them when they get lucky and win. Instead, become friendly towards that player and beat them much more often in the long run. The more they get lucky and win, the better. It means that they won’t learn from those mistakes in the future when they think that they are good.

Omaha Basics

Many poker players say that if you can play Texas Hold’em, you can play Omaha. While it is very true that these two poker games have many things in common, there are also a few fundamental differences between the two. In this section we will show you the basics of playing Omaha and the different variations of this very popular poker game.

The main and most commonly played version of this game is played as a split-pot game. The highest ranking hand shares the pot with the lowest ranking hand. Because it is a high-low split-pot game, you will tend to see more players staying in the game, more action, and higher pots than Texas Hold’em.

Omaha is a nine card poker game. Each player must make their best five-card poker hand by using precisely two cards from their four private cards, and three from the shared cards.

Game Play

At the start of the game, each player is dealt four cards face down. After this is done, a round of betting will take place. During this round of betting, players can either fold, call, or raise the blind bet. Depending on where you play, a bet and (usually) up to four raises per round can take place, but when there are only two people vying for the pot, the amount of possible raises becomes unlimited.

After the first round of betting is finished, three shared cards are dealt to the board. This is known as the flop. After these cards are revealed, another round of betting takes place. From this round on, players can check if no one else has bet when it comes their turn to do so. If there is in fact no bet, a player can check or bet. If there IS a bet, players have to either fold, call, raise, or re-raise.

After that round of betting is finished, a fourth shared card is dealt to the board. This card is known as the turn. After this card is revealed, another round of betting takes place. Then the fifth and last shared card is dealt to the board. This card is known as the river. After this card is revealed the final round of betting takes place.

At this time, the best five-card high poker hand and the best five-card low hand will split the pot. However, to win the low hand the player must meet the following requirements. The player must combine any two unpaired cards with a rank of 8 or lower. Also, remember as stated above, each player must make their best five-card poker hand by using precisely two cards from their four private cards, and three from the shared cards.

Tips for the first four cards

By having four private cards to work with, you have six times the amount of potential starting hands as you would playing Texas Hold’em. Meaning, at the start of the game, you have six different possibilities of forming a hand here. With four cards in your hand, you are more likely to find something to go on here.

Position is key in this game, even in the first round of betting. Your position will be the same for the entire hand. Basically, if you are in a late position and the pot has not been raised yet when it is your turn to act, you are able to see the hands that are weaker than yours at this point. This gives you a chance to get a feel for the other players hands even though it is still early in the game.

Positions in a basic nine person game are determined as follows: both blind players and the two players to their left = early position. The fifth, sixth, and seventh players = mid position. The eighth and ninth players = late position.

Tips for the flop

Like Texas Hold’em, the flop needs to meet the needs of your hand. It should deliver you a strong hand. You should be able to believe, at this point, that you can at least tie for the best high or low hand. If the flop doesn’t enhance your hand to that point you need to fold your hand.

At this point in the game, with six possible two-card combinations in every players hand, there are many possible hands going on. It is key for you to understand how your hand could be comparing to the other players hands. For example, if you are playing a LOW hand and your hand does not havean ace and a two, it is very possible someone else will have a better low hand. Be cautious here, many Omaha players lose many in this situation.

Tips for the turn

If the other players are loose players, it is quite possible you could draw the second best high hand, however, if the other players are tight players, most likely you’ll want to fold unless you have a draw to the best hand, or you already have it.

If the pot is already raised when it comes your turn, and other(s) call that raise even, you definitely want to consider want hands these players might be holding.

At this point, if you think you could be raised if you call, you need to make sure you have a much stronger hand than you would if you have no reason to fear a raise.

You will want to call with a draw if the pot odds are more than the odds are against making your hand and you know that you WILL have the best hand if the final card delivers you the card you need. This is a basic risk or reward situation. For example, if you think you can win $60 on a $10 investment, you would definitely want to stay in the game if the odds against making your hand are less than 6-to-1.

Tips for the river

Since there are so many possibilities generated for straights, flushes, and full houses when each player’s four-card private cards are added to the five shared board cards, this game is commonly decided on the river (last card).
When you have the best high hand:

After all the cards have been dealt and you have the best high hand, you are able to bet or raise without any reservations. You are confident of winning half of the pot, perhaps even the whole pot if there is no low hand. This is also the time to be very aggressive. You’ll want to get the most money you possibly can of any remaining players. You will get at least half of it back.
When you have the best low hand:

You will find that having the best low hand can be more complicating than having the best high hand. If you are completely sure you have the best low hand, you can bet the same as you would if you had the best high hand. However, if another player has the same low hand that you have -which is very commonplace in Omaha, you will be quartered.

This means you will get 1/4th of the winnings. This most definitely makes winning any notable amount of money very hard to do. For example, you would need at least five players still in the game to make any profit. Even then the amount of profit you make will be minimal.

Poker Deposit Methods – Options for depositing into an online poker room

In this guide I will outline some of the popular online e-wallets available for online gambling deposits. There are several online e-wallets available and players would have to select the appropriate deposit option which is of best suit. If you are worried about being able to deposit at an online poker room (as many US players have to deal with) your best bet is to choose a recognized poker room such as UB or PokerStars. If you are signing up at UB make sure you use the UB Referral Code to receive a special bonus on your first deposit.

Credit Cards: Credit cards are the most commonly used for making deposits at any online casino. All you have to do is provide all your personal details and your account will be funded instantly. Several players are not comfortable by providing their personal details to any online casino especially if it is not highly trusted and thus players would opt to make use of other online banking options available. Credit cards are very safe to use and most of these payment transactions are processed on a secure server that will not disclose your personal information to third parties.

NETeller: This is a UK based e-wallet which can be used for online casino deposits as well as withdrawals. The e-wallet is available for many countries and they offer a tremendous online customer service which is available 24/7.

This e-wallet has been in the industry for many years and it is highly trusted. In order for you to make withdrawals you would have to make use of your secure id so as to makes your withdrawals safely. The e-wallet offers multiple currencies – USD, GBP, EUR or CAD.

Paysafecard: These are prepaid cards which are available in denominations from 10 to 100 and the common currency is EURO and GBP. The cards are accepted by many online stores and also to include several online casinos. All you need to do is register and they will provide you with a unique secret number and you would have to fund your card either by credit card or bank.

Moneybookers: Moneybookers is one of the most popular e-wallets used online especially for gambling purposes. The e-wallet is very convenient and you do not have to disclose your bank details when you are thinking of making a deposit at any online casino or poker room which accepts this e-wallet. Moneybookers is a UK based e-wallet and they provide a great customer service via ticket support. They respond to all inquiries on time at usually if they delay they will take not less than 24hrs to respond back to you.

EntroPay: This is a Visa debit card provider. All you would have to do is load funds in to your Entropay account and you will be able to register your card at any online casinos. The deposits made will be deducted from you EntroPay account and funds will be available immediately. Several online poker sites offer additional bonuses for making use of the EntroPay for your deposits. The sign-up / registration is very easy and the process is quick. Once you have opened your account you can fund it instantly by making use of several options such as Click2Pay, bank wire and then you receive you virtual prepaid credit card instantly at which you will be able to make use of it at many online poker sites and also to include online casinos of your choice

EcoCard: This is a debit card which processes deposits and withdrawals for both non-gambling and gambling purposes. All you would have to do is fund your account and you will be able to register your card details at any online casino. This payment option is widely accepted by several online casinos, sportsbook as well as online poker rooms, such as UB.