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Top Ten Bluffing Tips

Bluffing is the skills of making your opponents think that you holding a strong hand than you actually have. Bluffing can assist you improve your earnings from poker and win huge If used properly. Beneath are ten tips that will help you to bluff properly and win a big amount.

Tip 1: Bluff when “some opponent” might hold made a strong hand. For example when the opponent hits the board with third, he might have a flush. So now, if you too bet as if you have a flush the opponent will believe you.

Tip 2: Bluff is useful when your opponent is about to fold his/her cards, at that time bet a big to make him sure that you are having a strong hand that they cannot match up with. You can easily remove them from the game pot.

Tip 3: Always pay concentration on game of other players, to win more you must know about your opponent’s habits of betting. In case the player is a beginner, he may bluff too often, which makes easy to defeat them. However, you need to watch more and more experienced player games and learn tips of betting.

Tip 4: Do not bluff frequently, if players have noticed you bluffing just, they will notice it. If you bluff again very soon then they might likely understand. This may also be used as an advantage as they will think that you are always holding a bluff hand and will bet more and more.

Tip 5: Bluffing is always useful at tight tables’ only. Bluffs work well when played on tight tables instead of using it on loose tables, until the losers have folded their cards already.

Tip 6: To win good amount try bluffing only on table with high limit. There is actually no benefit in bluffing in games with low limit. While betting only little amounts, you may bet that the most of the time opponent will call your bluffing. Bluffing is successful on high limit tables especially on no limit table.

Tip 7: Bluff when get enough idea about the opponents’ hand, when everyone is folding, checking, and calling in front of you that is the right time to win the pot. Do not try to bluff from early position, as you do not have any idea about the opponents that time.

Tip 8: Stop bluffing too often, and try to bluff in a pattern that other challengers will find hard to guess. Make a good strategy to bluff as if you bluff in a simple patters they will surely catch it.

Tip 9: Be alert when you are bluffing bad challengers, as they might not judge when their cards are beaten!, they just might not care or not observe even if you may show yourself as holding a stronger and better hand, as they do not follow any perfect strategy of bluffing.

Tip 10: Sometime the bluffing situations may be typical like when you are playing in the late position; there are only two players remaining. You are not holding a strong hand, but most of the opponents have folded. This is the right time to bet beg in bluff. The remaining challengers will possible think that you have are holding a strong hand and they will fold. However, good and experienced payer may judge this and use it against you; this is the typical thing about the situation.

Bluffing is an important Strategy for all Poker lovers and Players.

There is no scientific theory of bluffing it is just an art, the above-mentioned 10 tips may help you to be a master in bluffing strategy, and so you may win a very big amount by bluffing successfully.

Perks of Playing Online Poker

Online poker is a hotly debated topic but the perks of playing it cannot be denied by anyone. The internet is the perfect venue for players who don’t have time to drive to the casino every day, players who want to play thousands of hands a day and for several other reasons that I’ll discuss today.

1. No Casino? No problem!

I live hours away from the nearest casino but am able to play internet poker every single day thanks to the internet. If it wasn’t for online poker, I never would have been able to play poker near as much as I can today. With online poker, you don’t have to be near a casino to play poker, even for high stakes money. All you need is a computer and a connection to the internet.

2. More hands per hour

Online poker tables move about twice as fast as live poker tables so you can get in many more hands per hour online. In addition to that, you can play multiple tables at a time. It once took weeks to play a thousand hands of poker but that can now be accomplished in just a few hours of play.

Being able to get in more hands per hour accomplishes three major goals: It increases your hourly profit if you’re a winning player. It gets you through downswings faster. And last, it brings in more loyalty club perks.

3. Safer

What!? Yes, it’s true – online poker is safer than live poker. I understand that safety is the biggest concern of most new online poker players but if you play at a big-name, trusted poker site, you’ll be in great hands.

Online poker is safer because you don’t have to carry around large sums of cash or watch over piles of chips at the poker table. All your money is transferred online so you’ll never have to carry around wads of cash in a dark parking lot.

4. Game Selection

At big poker rooms, there are hundreds of tables to choose from so if you ever find yourself stuck at a tight table, you can just find a new table. If you find yourself stuck at a poor table in a live poker room, there’s not much you can do about it except quit.

5. Note Taking

You can take notes on your opponents much easier online than you can live. Every online poker site has software that allows you to take and store notes on your opponents. Sure, you can take notes on some of your opponents at live poker rooms but it’s generally frowned upon and difficult to keep track of who’s who.

Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

In Texas hold’em, as in all forms of poker, it’s important to be selective about your starting hand requirements. Those who play every hand are bound to be losers in the long run. The question is how to decide which starting hands are worth playing in a Texas holdem poker game.

Starting Hands in Limit Hold’em

Limit hold’em is a game of big cards. You want to mostly be playing cards in the “Broadway zone” of T through A. Give more credit to a hand that is closely connected and a little extra for suited.

Keep in mind that the weaker big card hands come with the risk of being dominated. A hand like KJ or even AQ is a good hand to raise with, but not a great one to call a raise with, because of the risk of being dominated by a hand like AK and having to put a lot of money in with a losing hand.

Hands like small pairs and small suited connectors have limited value. You will have to see a lot of flops before you hit with them and the payoff will not necessarily be that big.

Starting Hands in No Limit Hold’em

No limit hold’em is a game of big pots. You can afford to play some more unusual holdings because the payoffs can be great. This means that in addition to the big card hands, you can add all the pairs and suited connector hands. When you play small pairs and suited connectors, you should be playing them in later positions, as part of multi-way hands, and only if you can limp or call a small raise with them.

Other Notes on Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em

If you are not happy with your results in Texas hold’em, the first place to look is at your starting hand requirements. Playing small pairs and/or suited connectors may not be working for you. If you are the type who will continue if he hits any part of the flop, or who cannot get away from a second best hand, you may be better off sticking to the big card hands for now.