Poker for Beginners

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world and can be found in just about every online casino. While many people are well versed in the traditional version of this game as well as many of its offshoots, some people still have yet to learn to play. This is one of the benefits of online casinos as they provide a no stress way in which to learn this popular game.

There are many forms of poker that can be learned. They can be categorized into three basic groups: stud poker, draw poker and community card poker. While community poker games such as Texas Hold’Em have gained quite a following, stud poker is a good poker variation for beginners.

Five card stud poker begins when the dealer deals two cards to each player. One of these cards is dealt face down and the other card is dealt face up. The card that is dealt face down can be looked at by the player before making their bet.  The order of play is determined by the value of the cards that are face up on the table. For the first round, the player with the lowest card will place the first bet. The betting round then continues. After this betting finishes, the third card is dealt face up to each player. This time the player with the strongest hand showing bets first. This process then continues in the same manner for the fourth and fifth cards. This would of course not happen if enough players fold to leave one player as the winner before all of the hands have happened.

When the fifth round of betting concludes, the dealer will then turn over the face down cards that remain on the table. The poker hands will be compared to determine which hand is the highest ranking. This person would then win the pot. Five card poker can be found at most online poker rooms. So what are you waiting for?  Click here to get into the action right now!