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annie-dukeAnnie Duke was always likely to be a Poker champion, owing to the fact that playing and winning card games was not just her fate but was in her blood.

Hailing form the town of Concord in New Hampshire, Annie was born to a family where playing cards were above just a past time, it was an inherent skill they possessed although formally her parent were teachers.

Although  the beginning she entered the field of Poker more out of necessity than out of enthusiasm for the game, later on it was at the bidding of her well-established Poker celebrity brother, Howard Lederer that she began playing professionally and eventually went on to become a celebrity in the truest sense herself.

In the beginning of the 90s, Annie never thought she was going to become a famous name in Poker, because she started off playing in local rooms just for the sole reason of being able to finance the mortgage of her house post her not-so-illustrious marriage.

According to, her first hand at Poker professionally was at the World Series of Poker held in Las Vegas. The first tournament brought her the 14th position, whereas she improved to the third position by the second game and finally by the end of the competition she had already made a whopping 70,000 to prove her skill. After this victorious win, it was but natural for her to shift base to the twinkling city of Poker, Las Vegas to pursue her love for Poker henceforth for a living.

Annie won her first prized World Series of Poker bracelet in the year 2004 after an amazing win against 234 other players in the year 2004 after playing the Omaha Hi-Lo split mounting up to $2000. Proving to be a true No-Limit Texas Hold’em champion, Annie beat the world’s top nine Poker players to reach the highest position for a $2million winner-takes-all reward which invited the world’s select best Poker players for the ESPN and Harrah’s Entertainment presented World Series of Poker championship. Recently in the year 2010, she competed against the legendary Poker champion, Erik Seidel only to make a victorious lurch forward in the famed NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

After all the fame she achieved through her extraordinary Poker winning skills, she has diverted a good part of her energy into training others in this amazing and lucrative art of Poker playing. Well known celebrities like that of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck etc. follow her tutorials religiously to gather knowledge about the game.

She is an active member of the World Series of Poker Academy and holds frequent seminars n the various topics related to the game. Ever since she co-authored the book Decide to play Great Poker with John Vorhaus, she has attained a new distinction as the writer of a bestseller in the genre dedicated to Poker.

Presently Annie Duke is the commissioner of the Epic Poker League owing to her finesse and recognition in the world of professional Poker. Apart from organising grand tournaments, she has developed the Global Poker Index, a popular and accurate ranking system with the partnership of Eric Faulkner.

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