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Recently I have heard reports of poker sites being unable to pay depositing members and came up with the conclusion, “I told you so”… Although I’m highly disappointed and not proud to rub it in it’s just a fact of business and the offshore poker industry.

The reasons I don’t feel so obligated or upset about writing this article is the fact I warned poker members prior to it happening. A few years ago I posted an article on how I dis trusted the safety of Full Tilt Poker and felt something was right.

Well, something wasn’t right and when the federal government seized the banks of Full tilt poker they also came to realize they didn’t have the poker players funds as they always promised they did.

During this time I continued to tell myself and my poker friends to play with confirmed safe poker sites only! This is one of the reasons why I only continue to promote Carbon Poker as the poker room continues to show me and others they are safe.


How does on know how safe they are?

This is almost like an open ended question but simply reading quality blogs like this one and searching Google. Most scam poker sites are unable to flourish as they have a bad reputation in the poker market. You will not find many complaints if any about Carbon Poker.

Does Carbon Poker offer bonuses?

Yes, Carbon actually has some of the finest bonuses available on the internet for playing poker. Currently they are promoting a 100% signup bonus on up to $600 for being a new member with them. They also from time to time offer some really nice re up bonuses for us veterans as well. Check out this carbon poker review now for more details.

I know it might seem a bit dry to speak about poker sites like this in today’s market but let’s face it. It’s not worth to hold ’em If the poker room is probably going to be fold en. I recommend if you have yet to download carbon poker to do so. Your funds will be in a much safer place along with the best poker software and customer service in the business.

New Features at 888poker

A little while back, I made a post that highlighted options for Australian poker players. The poker site that I highlighted was, which is a site that is dedicated to the local poker players in Australia.

I have an update to announce to those players who are interested in playing at 888poker. This online poker site is the first in the industry to offer a revolutionary new way to play the game. It is called PokerCam and it is exactly what you are thinking.

888poker is offering players brand new tables called PokerCam Tables where you get to see all of your opponents on a webcam, but they also get to see you! This takes online poker to a different level.

For years, playing poker online and playing against live players didn’t really have a whole lot in common. Players who bluff a lot online never had to worry about having someone see the fear or anticipation on their face. All that will change with PokerCam. You will be able to play online and stare down your opponent. All you need is your own webcam; then sign up and play!

One other new feature that 888poker has introduced is the Teams Poker Series of contests. You can join a team of poker players, which is quick and easy to do. Then you will represent this team every time you play one of these contests. The points that you and your team win will be shared amongst the team members. This will also allow you to earn a share of the winnings for the contest.

Would you like to give these new features a try? is offering $8 free with no deposit required. You can play poker games like Texas Holdem for free. Then if you want to make a deposit, you can be eligible to receive up to $400 with a match bonus. 25% of this bonus will be paid to you upfront and the other 75% is earn through receiving Bonus Points from 888.


European Poker Sites

european-poker-sitesThere are a large number of Euro poker sites that operate inside of Europe and operate with European Union poker licenses. Besides Carbon Poker (listed below), none of these poker sites accept players from the United States.

These European poker rooms will have everything a poker player could want. In case you do not have a lot of money to spend, you can always try out the best low stakes poker sites.

If you don’t like to play raked hands, there are a couple other options that you can choose from. You can always try your hand at poker tournaments that can be found happening often all over Europe. If you aren’t ready to play in a real tournament, you can always try competing in an online tournament like the ones found at Poker Stars.


The other type of poker game that you might enjoy would be the sit and go poker tournaments. These are one to four table tournaments that require an entry fee. The tournament starts as soon as all the seats are filled.

How to get 30% Rakeback from Interpoker

If you want to get your hands on this unique opportunity to receive 30% rakeback at Interpoker, just follow the steps below. Before you proceed, you must know that if you are already a member of Interpoker you aren’t eligible for receiving rakeback by following the steps. Instead, you should give us an e-mail and let us know. We’ll be sure to make you a new offer.


To create your account and receive rakeback, first you must follow THIS LINK and sign up (if you don’t we won’t be able to give you your rakeback).

After signing up, please remember not to use the Refer A friend program used by Interpoker – using it won’t let you benefit from receiving your rakeback!

If you sign up, you can receive a 30% rakeback, and a 200% bonus for your first deposit of up to $1,000 on Interpoker. The rakeback method used on Interpoker is the contributed rake. Be aware, you only receive rake if you have generated 100 euros in rake!

Interpoker offers a lot of different poker games, such as: Limit Hold ’em (games ranging from $0.02/$0.04 to $150/$300), No Limit Hold ’em (Blinds’ limits are from $0.10 to $10), Omaha, 7Stud, Omaha H/L or 7Stud H/L. You can play lots of different play styles, such as Multi-table tournaments (which range from $0.50 to $150), Sit n Go tournaments ($0.50+$0.10 to $200+$10) and Heads Up tables ($0.25/$0.50 up to $25/$50).

You can deposit money on your Interpoker account through Neteller, Mastercard, Visa, Click2Pay, Moneybookers, PaySafeCard and Entropay. You can withdraw money from your account through all the methods above, and also through check or wire transfer.

How to get 35% Carbon Poker Rakeback

This section will teach you how you can create an account with online poker website Carbon Poker and receive a 35% of the rake that you generate when playing for real money. If you already have an account with Carbon Poker, this will not apply to you, unfortunately. But feel free to give us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you with other options.


First, follow THIS LINK (it’s vital that you do, if you don’t we won’t be able to track your account), and register at Carbon Poker. In the “referral code” field, enter “PAS600” as the code.

It is critical that, when signing up, you don’t use the Refer a Friend program provided by Carbon Poker, or else, again, you will not be able to receive any rakeback. After completing these steps, just come back here and fill out the form that you see below and you’re done (if you already have an account with us, please log in first).

After fully completing your registration, you will receive your 35% rakeback automatically. Not only is this rakeback one of the highest available on poker websites, but, unlike others, it is fed to your poker account each day.

The rake is generated by every poker game you enter in with real money, be it cash games or tournaments. If you have not played for real money in the past two months you will also be eligible for a first deposit bonus!

With various poker games, such as Limit Hold ’em, No Limit Hold ’em, Omaha, 7 card Stud, Five card draw, triple draw or badugi, and limits ranging from $0.10 to $5,000 tournaments, you can be sure that you will find your place at Carbon Poker!

Poker Depositing Options

There are significantly more ways for poker players from Europe are able to use when depositing or withdrawing money from a poker account. There are not as many options for an American poker player. Here is a good article on the different depositing methods for online poker.

Are you from the United States? Then you should give Players Only Poker a try. They are offering a great bonus to new players!

PokerStars 50 Billionth Hand Dealt

PokerStars has been running a promotion for the last couple of weeks to build up to the 50 billionth hand played overall at their website. Part of the celebration have been cash prizes given to the winners and players for every millionth hand since PokerStars reached 49,700,000. These cash prizes ranged from just over $100 for each player on up to $5,000. The cash prizes were based upon the table blinds.

Well, its finally happened. The 50 billionth hand was dealt this morning at 10:37AM EST. There were a massive amount of players playing at PokerStars this morning in anticipation for winning the big prize. Over 220,000 players were logged in at the site. They were playing at over 33,000 separate tables and they were all hoping to be the one to be dealt this milestone hand.

When it was announced that the 50 billionth hand was about to be played, moderators froze the action in order to allow other players time to get in and view the big moment.

What exactly were they playing for? Well, the total amount was based upon the table limits. The winners were from a $0.02/$0.05 NL Texas Holdem table named Ornamenta (fast play). The winner, named tbvle, was the lucky winner of the 50 billionth hand. That player received a phenomenal sum of $56,140 for winning the big hand!

Tbvle’s starting hand was a monster – pocket queens – and they held up through even though a King came on the board that must have scared him.

That’s not all, though, as the other players not lucky enough to win the hand also received cash prizes. These players received between $2,990 and $3,070 based upon the number of VIP points that they had earned for the past 50 hands. Not only that, but these players were also lucky enough to win free seats at the WCOOP Main Event worth $5,200 each.

All in all not bad for playing one hand at the 2 cent/5 cent table. Features and promotions like this is what makes PokerStars not only the biggest but one of the best poker sites around.

If you would like to play at PokerStars, be sure to click here to receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit. This bonus is worth up $600! You earn this bonus a little bit at a time by means of playing hands at PokerStars tables.

Full Tilt Poker Review

More poker players each day are turning to the online poker sites for their poker play. They are taking notice to everything the online poker rooms have to offer. Everyone has heard of Full Tilt Poker. But what exactly makes the better than any of the rest of the online poker powerhouses?

Well, if you have watched any poker tournament, MMA fight or any other similar sporting event, you will no doubt see Full Tilt Poker everywhere. They are pretty much the Budweiser of online poker. That means that this is the place that you will find the most ordinary people to play. The people hear about them on TV and want to give it a try.

What that means to you is that you need to be able to find these people and get them to make mistakes. The average person who hasn’t been playing for years has several key tells and tenancies, which you can find out more about here.

The name of the game is giving yourself an advantage. Sometimes the absolute correct play backfires, but you should be able to win money off of a lot of players if you are good. Many people will pretty much spend all day winning money. While you should avoid these player, take a look at how they play and see if you can draw anything from that.

Full Tilt Poker Features

Poker Variety: The games at Full Tilt are considered to be some of the best. Players will be able to choose between such games as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and variations of those games. One really special thing about Full Tilt is that it also offers its players Rush Poker; this game has really captured the attention of a lot of poker players.

Rush Poker gives players the ability to play more games by moving them immediately to a new game after each fold so they don’t have to wait for the hand to finish before beginning a new one. Rush Poker is one game any poker player will want to make sure they try out.

Promotions: Full Tilt is a very generous online poker site that knows the importance of showing their appreciation to their players and keeping them excited. This is why they strive to offer some of the most exciting promotions to their players. New players will be able to take advantage of a 100% initial deposit bonus which is good for as much as $600!

This is a great way to be welcomed to a new site. Their other promotions make for great competition and offer exciting prizes. Players will want to check the promotions section of the site often since Full Tilt makes it a point of updating their promotions.  It may also help to find the latest Full Tilt poker referral code before depositing.

Software: The software at Full Tilt offers players a secure and smooth running gaming environment. The graphics are amazing and the features have a lot to offer. The software allows for players to take more control of their playing environment and customize it so they can play the way they want to.

It has been designed to give players a clean gaming environment with a look and feel to it that will astound them and keep them comfortable and enjoying the time they spend playing there. Full Tilt prides itself on the amount of security that it has to offer their players so they can sit back and enjoy playing without any worries or concerns about their information being jeopardized.

Site Navigation: Full Tilt is a very well designed and laid out site that is very user friendly. It uses simple top link and left side navigation to guide players through the various sections of the site. Full Tilt also offers players a lot of content which is very helpful at explaining the process and other aspects of their online poker to players. The site is designed in a way which is both pleasing to the eye and exciting. It really gets players in the mood to enjoy some great poker right from the start.

Deposit Methods: Full Tilt offers their players the ability to securely deposit their funds into their Full Tilt account by using eChecks, credit cards, or cash transfer.

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