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3D poker software is quite unique when compared to the poker software you might be used to seeing when playing at a poker site like PokerStars or Full Tilt. The poker rooms that use 3D poker software care a little more with the in-game aesthetics then the big poker rooms are.

How is playing 3D poker different?

Online poker players will of course want to have the best time playing possible. The more realistic the online poker environment is, the more the players will look forward to participating in the games.

3D poker rooms are different, in a very good way. The 3D poker rooms allow players to enjoy amazing graphics which will leave them feeling as if they are enjoying a game face to face with the other players. One of the best 3d poker rooms to play at is called PKR Poker.


When players enjoy online poker at a poker site that offers a 3D environment; they will be able to truly experience something unique and impressive.

One of the things that is different about the 3D poker games is players will be able to enjoy a much different table view than they would be able to in an ordinary online poker room.

Players who have chosen to play at a 3D poker site will be able to enjoy poker tables with three dimensional views. This is much more realistic than the overhead views ordinary poker rooms have to offer their players. There is definitely a better look and feel to the 3D poker rooms.

Another great thing about playing at a 3D poker room is the players are able to do more with regards to how they customize the game. They will be able to change a lot of things about their avatars so they can personalize them. They can change their avatars clothing, expressions, and other things.

This provides players with even more excitement and will have them looking forward to logging in and playing even more. There are definitely some much appreciated differences to the 3D poker rooms that have them gaining a lot of attention from players and becoming very popular choices.

Where can you play?

Anyone looking to enjoy the 3D poker rooms will be glad to know that there are some great online poker sites that offer the 3D poker games to online poker players.

pkr-logoOne of the best online poker rooms to go to for the 3D games is PKR Poker, a much respected online poker site with a lot to offer.

PKR offers online poker players fast moving games which don’t suffer from a bunch of errors like some of the games on other poker sites. Players who choose PKR will also be able to take advantage of some great bonuses and other promotions. They offer new players a first deposit match bonus that is worth up to $800!

Poker Wize is another good choice for players looking to enjoy some of the best 3D poker games out there. This very popular 3D poker room offers its players those enjoyable and exciting 3D games as well.

The games here are great for those less experienced players and there are always a lot of players logged in. This provides players with a lot of great games while they take in the 3D environment.

On top of the amazing 3D graphics, this poker site also offers very fast and smooth running games so players will really be able to enjoy them.

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