Online Poker vs. Face-to-Face Poker

While the actual game of poker and the rules involved in playing the game hold true no matter the situation and terms of playing be it online or in a land based casino or poker room, the game itself and the opponents that one may face could actually be very different in each respective scenario.

Those that are used to playing online and those that are used to playing in a land based casino only can often spot on another after playing with the respective other for only minutes. Online poker players have completely different tells than that of a land based poker players. And while this isn’t true for all online players as a whole it does hold true for the majority.

Online players are used to completely different environments when they are playing poker than those that play more frequently in a face to face game. Online players often play out of their home in a familiar surrounding with only the computer beside them. They do not need to worry about facial expressions, about showing their emotions or about anything that is happening in their surroundings. They are often used to having the TV on while they play or perhaps eating, singing or doing what they please.

Those players that play poker at land based casinos or poker rooms are often the strict opposite, they are used to containing their emotions and hiding their tells as much as possible. They often learn to read other players by the way they sit, how they blink or even how they breathe.

When online casino poker players come together to land based players it is always interesting to watch the dynamic but often times the land based player has a little bit of an advantage versus the online player. So if you are used to playing online and plan to play at a land based casino; it is a good idea to roll up your selves and play a few games as if you were surrounded by a room of people- including your opponents.

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