Identifying True Poker Tells.

Posted by Dave on October 17th, 2008 filed in Poker Tells

Poker tells are important features that help you in winning a poker game. As a lot of intuitive skills, strategies, and bluffs are used in poker, it is important that you be a fierce observer. This signifies that you pick up any type of poker tell of your opponent.

In fact, the importance of poker tells has taken a toll on this strategy as well. Some players give out false poker tells also so that they can confuse the team and trap the opponents. It is therefore up to you to identify the true tells and use them while you make your decisions.

Here’s one typical example to highlight this point. Steve is an expert player who plays multiple hands online with a very high stakes in each of them. Now, judging the “in turn” box you can imagine the type of action he is likely to take.

Steve gets a big blind and the pot is not raised. You can see the activated check box if the pot is unraised. It the pot is raised, you would not see the activated box. The check-box with fold option is then highlighted to show that the pot is raised.

By judging the type your opponent is and the check box that is activated, you can imagine the way the game is going. So, now-a-days there are options where players are asked whether to show the check box to the other viewers or not. Some players also use this tool to give false poker tells.

Many players complain that online poker games don’t reveal much poker tells of the opponents. If you say this statement, it means that you are not paying much attention to such actions as mentioned in the aforesaid paragraphs. Poker games reveal a lot of betting patterns and the type of person the player is – whether he is a weak-tight player, or a weak-loose player, or a calling station.

Hand histories are yet another factor that determines poker tells of various players. Through this history, you would be able to identify the type of player your playing with and the find out the way decisions were taken.

There are options where a player can choose to remain concealed and not reveal details about his moves. Steve had done just that and it ensured his privacy while playing the games.

Various players use methods to conceal their tells. Some dress weird while others wear goggles and hats to conceal their reactions. If you play poker seriously and with the intention of earning a livelihood from it, it is necessary that you take all pre-cautions to conceal your poker tells.

However, some people play for fun and socialising. They don’t bother to play like a diehard fanatic but wish to enjoy the game with other players. Often, these players are their fellow mates from office or friends. In such cases, poker tells are given off inadvertently. If you are in a group of such people, you are lucky to pick up tells. But, this is not the usual situation. The normal milieu would be a din of conversations and noise with numerous other distractions. So, amid this din you need to be keen observant to pick up poker tells of your opponents that are genuine and not misleading.

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