Poker Room Newbie Tips – Read Your Opponent Body Language

Embarrassing fall downs and temporally tattered self esteem, is almost unavoidable for the beginners among you. Of course there might be an elusive moment of gilded spot light, but don’t be mislead by it. It is a pure luck! So perhaps just to back up yourself, delve into some good tips offered at and rest assured they will not let you down in the moment of truth:

Keep Your Eyes Open for Poker Tells

Players have a tendency to give away clues while they play through body language. A smart and experienced player looks for these signs in order to give some indication of what type of hand the player has.

Common Poker Tells

Eyes: Players who have very good cards will sometimes stare at them for a longer period of time than usual. They may also look around to see if the other players are likely to fold by checking if they’ve only briefly glanced at their cards. In another instance, a player who connected after a flop with the board may glance at his chips to help him think of a betting strategy.

Hands: Players whose hands tremble may mean that they have a great hand of cards. Also, look at the way they stack their chips; if they stack them neatly, they are probably more conservative in their playing. Aggressive and loose players usually are less careful with their stack of chips.

Signs of Anxiety: Look for dilated pupils, unconscious muscle flexing, higher voice pitch when speaking, abnormal breathing, and an increase in heart rate to show anxiety. These indications can help call bluffs.

Body Posture: Pay attention to the way a player sits. Aggressive players who bluff with confidence may sit up straight and lean slightly forward, and players who slump in their chairs may be indicating a lack of confidence and a weak hand.

Important: Experienced poker players are aware of these common tells and may fake them to mislead new players.

Observe Your Opponent’s Playing Patterns

A player will many times stick to the same routine without even realizing it, and when they happen to have a good hand, they deviate from their usual playing habits. This indicates right away that they’re hiding something, which can give you the advantage if you observe them carefully enough to pick up on the discrepancy.

Repetitive Betting Patterns: Closely observe how your opponents bet, including the amount and in what position they’re making the bet. For example, if a player regularly folds after being re-raised, then many rounds later he suddenly decides not to fold, you should take the change in routine as a clue that he may have a good hand.

Unpredictability: On the flip-side, players who are aware of their tendency to develop a playing routine (always betting on the same types of cards, etc) should switch tactics to confuse other players. In this way, the player does not develop a set routine and therefore does not give any indication as to what hand he has if he suddenly acts differently.

Intelligent Betting

Being a good poker player does not just revolve around how well you bluff; making intelligent bets can also play a huge factor in your poker game.

Defensive Betting: A player can bet defensively to avoid calling a bigger bet in the future.

Re-raising: This can be used to check if your opponent has a credible hand.

Knowing When to Stop: Pay attention to the board and the actions of your opponents to know when to fold. To continue betting money regardless of these indicators will result in losing money. Consider the skill level of those who you are playing against and adjust your betting limits accordingly.


Learning how to bluff is one of the cornerstones of poker, and it’s an art that takes a great deal of finesse. When bluffing, you have to choose the appropriate time against the right type of players. Bluffs should only be used when the risk of being called is fairly low, which means that the most effective bluffs are the ones that are used sparingly and wisely.

Player Positioning

We believe that the positioning of the players around the poker table should play a large role when choosing what strategy to use. A perfect example would be the Button position, which gives a player the advantage of acting last after having the opportunity to observe all the other players and their moves. You then have a much better chance of correctly figuring out your odds and can make the best move based on your calculations.

If you would like to read more about beginner poker tells, please read this previous article for more information.

Texas Holdem Basics

Texas Hold’em is supposed to be the most complex, most exciting and the most rewarding form of poker. Of all the forms of poker, starting from the studs to Omaha, no variant of the game has such complexity and need for skill and strategy as Hold’em poker. As many as 10 players can play this game at a time. The rewards part comes only if you make the right decisions about choice of cards, bets and moves and make these decisions at the right times.

Texas Hold’em is commonly played in most of the major casinos and many online poker sites. In addition to this, being a card game, this can be easily played at home with friends, as well as making for a great party game. Online poker is very popular too, which almost all he major online casino websites, offering various versions of the game. These versions are identical in rules and game play but are different in the themes that they are based on.

Now that you know that is easy to find a place where poker is played, you should know the basic poker game betting rules to start playing it. As with other variants of poker, Hold’em poker is played on a poker table, around which all the players are seated. The wager limits of a game are mutually decided by the players on the table and the chips are accordingly bought by the players, as per their individual budgets.

The dealer starts game by dealing two cards to each player. The 2 players sitting to the immediate left to the dealer make the blinds. Blinds are of two kinds, the big blind and small blind. These blinds are the sums of money which make up the initial value of the pot. The pot is the reward which the players play and in some ways forces action.  If there were no blinds, many people would fold everything but their most premium hands.

After recieving their 2 cards, each player starting with the person directly left of the big blind decide if they want to play in the hand.   A player can either make a call and match the big blind, raise,  or fold.  After the first round of dealing of cards, the round of betting starts. The bets are made in clockwise direction, starting from the player sitting to the immediate left to the dealer. In a round of betting, a player can either make a call, raise, check or fold.

After the initial round of betting, the dealer flips 3 cards in the center of the table, often reffered to as the flop.  These 3 cards are community cards and are used by all players.  The remaining players that are still in the hand have another round of betting, checking, or folding.  This repeats 2 more times as another card is shown and added to the community cards called the turn.  players check, bet and raise again.  One final card is dealt called the river, making 5 cards total in the community cards.  The players make the best 5 card hand out of the 2 in their hand and the 5 in the middle and the winner gets the pot.

As you can see from the basic intro of the game, the premise is simple and easy to understand. However, this game is not as simple as it seems and one needs to know skills and strategies thoroughly to be a winner in the long term.

How to Deal with Aggressive Steal Raisers

aggressive-raise-stealersIf you are playing a six handed no limit Texas Hold em game and it is getting frequently raised by the cut-off then you need to start three betting this player.

But with what range should you be doing this with? Well if the cut-off were raising almost every orbit then I would assume that they were open raising 90% or more of their range.

Dealing with Aggressive Players

Some players will do this initially to see how much they can get away with and to try and get ahead for the session. I would certainly three bet with all pocket pairs 77+ and big Broadway cards if the raiser were a standard player.

But aggressive players are different and I would play smaller pocket pairs and suited aces along with lower suited connectors. In these situations then you should not fear being four bet.

In my experience at the lower levels then unless you are three betting like a maniac then your opponents should respect your three betting range and will only call. Remember though that an opening raise in six max no-limit play needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Thoughts on Raising

It is for this reason why players are starting to respect three bets (3x the big blind) a lot less and four bets have become the norm now in tougher games. This in turn has led to five betting and five bet shoving as a combative tactic for this.

You are going to have to play fearless poker though and if my opponent were opening quite wide or I perceived that they were opening quite wide then I would certainly widen my three betting ranges to a lot less than previously stated.

Don’t Overdo It

However once again here you need to be careful because if you overdo the concept then your opponents are going to catch on and call your three bets and look to make a post flop play against your weak range or four bet you pre-flop.

So you need your opponents to believe your three bets just as much as you need them to believe every other type of bet or raise that you make without the required goods. Another factor that needs to be mentioned when it comes to your opponents believing you is c-betting.

It is often perceived that you should c-bet if checked to in a heads up situation if you were the pre-flop raiser. Once again this gets back to the topic of your opponents believing you.

Believability in Your Raise

If they don’t believe you then your bluffing success rate will drop through the floor. This is where you get most of your profit from in no-limit hold’em, winning small pots that no one wants or is prepared to fight for.

But once again in order to win these pots then you need to have your opponents believe you and this certainly applies when you are re-stealing when you go head to head against aggressive steal raisers.

You cannot three bet with every half decent hand that you get dealt because a three bet represents substantial strength and substantial strength is not that easy to find.

If you would like to learn some more about this kind of subject, take a look at my post on Understanding Positioning.

Playing Poker in Atlantic City

A Brief History of Atlantic City Poker Rooms

When many poker players think of exciting poker games and where they can go to enjoy them, they think of Atlantic City. Atlantic City has become known as the place where true gamblers can go when they want to enjoy their favorite casino games in a city which is known for great gambling.

The history of the game of poker is still up for debate. However, it has been around for many years. Some believe it was developed from the game of As Nas and others dispute this. Poker became a very popular game played in Atlantic City.

Where you can play in Atlantic City

When those whom enjoy the game of poker find themselves in Atlantic City, they will want to make sure they enjoy some great poker games and take advantage of the situation.

There are many great places for poker players to go where they will be able to get in on some very enjoyable and potentially profitable poker games. Here are some of the places poker players will be able to enjoy poker while they are visiting Atlantic City:

Atlantic City Casinos

One place players can go for great poker games in Atlantic City is to Trump Taj Mahal. Here they will be able to participate in many exciting poker games which will offer them an abundance of good competition.

There are more than 80 tables here and many different types of poker for players to enjoy. This is one place a poker player in Atlantic City will definitely want to check out.

The Tropicana is another place for poker players to make a point to stop by while they are in Atlantic City. They will be able to enjoy the game of poker in a great setting and enjoy some strong competition. Located right on the boardwalk, this poker room is known as one of the places poker players must go to if given the chance.

The Tropicana has gained a great reputation by offering poker players many poker games to choose from and plenty of tournaments which are offered daily.

Harrah’s is not right on the boardwalk, but it is still a great place for poker players to visit when they want to experience plenty of great gaming in Atlantic City.

There are 24 tables which may not be as many as some of the other poker rooms, but it is plenty enough tables to provide excellent poker games for the patrons.

Showboat offers a lot of great poker games for those in the Atlantic City area and it has become the choice of many. This poker room is located on the boardwalk which many players appreciate.

Plus, it is a great place for players to go when they are looking for a tournament which will fit into their budget.

There are many places poker players can go to play exciting poker games when visiting Atlantic City. Players may want to try a few different places out for themselves and choose the one that provides them with the atmosphere they are looking for.

Looking for more exciting places to play poker? Take a look at your options for playing poker in Australia.

Poker Deposit Methods – Options for depositing into an online poker room

In this guide I will outline some of the popular online e-wallets available for online gambling deposits. There are several online e-wallets available and players would have to select the appropriate deposit option which is of best suit.  If you are worried about being able to deposit at an online poker room (as many US players have to deal with) your best bet is to choose a recognized poker room such as UB or PokerStars.  If you are signing up at UB make sure you use the UB Referral Code to receive a special bonus on your first deposit.

Credit Cards: Credit cards are the most commonly used for making deposits at any online casino. All you have to do is provide all your personal details and your account will be funded instantly.  Several players are not comfortable by providing their personal details to any online casino especially if it is not highly trusted and thus players would opt to make use of other online banking options available.  Credit cards are very safe to use and most of these payment transactions are processed on a secure server that will not disclose your personal information to third parties.

NETeller : This is a UK based e-wallet which can be used for online casino deposits as well as withdrawals.  The e-wallet is available for many countries and they offer a tremendous online customer service which is available 24/7.

This e-wallet has been in the industry for many years and it is highly trusted.  In order for you to make withdrawals you would have to make use of your secure id so as to makes your withdrawals safely.  The e-wallet offers multiple currencies – USD, GBP, EUR or CAD.

Paysafecard: These are prepaid cards which are available in denominations from 10 to 100 and the common currency is EURO and GBP.  The cards are accepted by many online stores and also to include several online casinos.  All you need to do is register and they will provide you with a unique secret number and you would have to fund your card either by credit card or bank.

Moneybookers : Moneybookers is one of the most popular e-wallets used online especially for gambling purposes. The e-wallet is very convenient and you do not have to disclose your bank details when you are thinking of making a deposit at any online casino or poker room which accepts this e-wallet. Moneybookers is a UK based e-wallet and they provide a great customer service via ticket support.  They respond to all inquiries on time at usually if they delay they will take not less than 24hrs to respond back to you.

EntroPay : This is a Visa debit card provider.  All you would have to do is load funds in to your Entropay account and you will be able to register your card at any online casinos.  The deposits made will be deducted from you EntroPay account and funds will be available immediately. Several online poker sites offer additional bonuses for making use of the EntroPay for your deposits. The sign-up / registration is very easy and the process is quick. Once you have opened your account you can fund it instantly by making use of several options such as Click2Pay, bank wire and then you receive you virtual prepaid credit card instantly at which you will be able to make use of it at many online poker sites and also to include online casinos of your choice

EcoCard: This is a debit card which processes deposits and withdrawals for both non-gambling and gambling purposes.  All you would have to do is fund your account and you will be able to register your card details at any online casino. This payment option is widely accepted by several online casinos, sportsbook as well as online poker rooms, such as UB.

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