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Posted by Dave on October 5th, 2008 filed in Poker Tips

Rake is how poker rooms earn their money. It’s the amount deducted (usually 10%) from the pot, which is then given to the house and is capped at a certain amount (usually 5$) in ring games. In tournament, the rake’s a minor portion of the player’s buy-in – obviously, the bulk heads towards the major prize pool. It’s not that uncommon for individual players to be contributing thousands of dollars in rake per month whilst playing poker online. Now think about that: a poker room with 5,000 very active players (in reality, the larger rooms are significantly larger!), all contributing a few thousand dollars per month, that’s incredible! Poker rakeback is a way for these players to get that money back; a refund, if you will.

Through rakeback, players get back a percentage of the rake that they’ve paid to the poker room. A regular rakeback offer is between 25% and 40%, but sometimes players can get even higher payouts. If you’re paying 1,000$ a month in rake, and you’ve got a 30% rakeback deal, you’re going to get back 300$. For serious poker players, this can become a large part of their income!

# Poker room Rakeback Network Promotion
1. Full Tilt Poker Rakeback 27% Full Tilt Poker Open to US players
2. Ultimate Bet Rakeback 30% Ultimate Bet Open to US players
3. Absolute Poker Rakeback 30% Absolute Poker Open to US players
4. PKR Rakeback 30% PKR
5. Sun Poker Rakeback 30% Cryptologic

If you’ve already opened an account with a poker room without signing up through someone’s affiliate ( or ‘bonus offer’), then more than likely you won’t be eligible for rakeback bonuses. However, you should email around to find out if it’s possible.

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