Texas Holdem Basics

Posted by Dave on April 10th, 2011 filed in Poker Tips

Texas Hold’em is supposed to be the most complex, most exciting and the most rewarding form of poker. Of all the forms of poker, starting from the studs to Omaha, no variant of the game has such complexity and need for skill and strategy as Hold’em poker. As many as 10 players can play this game at a time. The rewards part comes only if you make the right decisions about choice of cards, bets and moves and make these decisions at the right times.

Texas Hold’em is commonly played in most of the major casinos and many online poker sites. In addition to this, being a card game, this can be easily played at home with friends, as well as making for a great party game. Online poker is very popular too, which almost all he major online casino websites, offering various versions of the game. These versions are identical in rules and game play but are different in the themes that they are based on.

Now that you know that is easy to find a place where poker is played, you should know the basic poker game betting rules to start playing it. As with other variants of poker, Hold’em poker is played on a poker table, around which all the players are seated. The wager limits of a game are mutually decided by the players on the table and the chips are accordingly bought by the players, as per their individual budgets.

The dealer starts game by dealing two cards to each player. The 2 players sitting to the immediate left to the dealer make the blinds. Blinds are of two kinds, the big blind and small blind. These blinds are the sums of money which make up the initial value of the pot. The pot is the reward which the players play and in some ways forces action.  If there were no blinds, many people would fold everything but their most premium hands.

After recieving their 2 cards, each player starting with the person directly left of the big blind decide if they want to play in the hand.   A player can either make a call and match the big blind, raise,  or fold.  After the first round of dealing of cards, the round of betting starts. The bets are made in clockwise direction, starting from the player sitting to the immediate left to the dealer. In a round of betting, a player can either make a call, raise, check or fold.

After the initial round of betting, the dealer flips 3 cards in the center of the table, often reffered to as the flop.  These 3 cards are community cards and are used by all players.  The remaining players that are still in the hand have another round of betting, checking, or folding.  This repeats 2 more times as another card is shown and added to the community cards called the turn.  players check, bet and raise again.  One final card is dealt called the river, making 5 cards total in the community cards.  The players make the best 5 card hand out of the 2 in their hand and the 5 in the middle and the winner gets the pot.

As you can see from the basic intro of the game, the premise is simple and easy to understand. However, this game is not as simple as it seems and one needs to know skills and strategies thoroughly to be a winner in the long term.

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