Different Types of Poker Tournaments

Texas Hold em poker has become one of the most popular poker games played both online and at land based casinos. Several yearly major poker events brought that popularity including large tournaments, which give the opportunity to the players to gain big amount of money.

What exactly does a poker tournament looks like? Mostly at tournaments the competitors play No Limit Texas Hold em but it is not unusual competing in the limited version of the game. The online poker tournaments are structured competitions where players compete against each other to gather all the chips held by the opponents.

In normal cash poker games, each hand is unrelated to any other. Players can quit whenever they want but in tournaments, players cannot quit and cash out their chips. Play continues until there is a winner.

There are some different types of tournaments:

Single Table Texas Hold em Tournaments (SNG)

This format is very popular in online Texas Hold em, and is also referred to as a shootout, or a ‘sit and go’. Single table Texas Hold em games can be interpreted a couple different ways. All the players start with the same arbitrary dollar amount.

This format has both advantages and disadvantages, but for most good online poker players the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If player’s running well and hr has won a couple nice hands and has a healthy stack, unfortunately he can’t win more than what first place pays.

At the same time, if player’s catching cold cards all he has at risk is how much he put up to enter. Unlike a Texas Hold em Poker cash game, especially no limit Texas Hold em games, the risk is defined in a tournament. If his tolerance for risk is low or he is a player that goes on tilt, at least, his downside is limited.

Multi Table Online Poker Tournaments (MTT)

There are multi player online poker tables, where everyone pays the same entry fee. This format is similar to single table online poker tournaments, in that players are 9 or 10 starting with the same amount of chips.

The difference here is that the table can be one of a hundred tables, all-playing to make one final table. This is the format of the tournament used in World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. The risk is limited to the entry fee, which every player pays to participate at the tournament.

Elimination tournaments (Freeze Out)

These are the most common type of poker tournament. All players begin with the same amount of chips, and play continues until one player has accumulated all the chips. As players are eliminated, the active players are re-seated at fewer and fewer tables. While the winner of the tournament is the player who accumulates all the chips, the payout structure rewards several players. Commonly the final table of players would receive prize money.

Rebuy Tournament

These are tournaments where players who lose all of their chips are allowed to rebuy more chips and continue to play. This is only allowed for a certain amount of time, most often 1 hour. There are also “Add-on” tournaments where you can rebuy more chips once you reach a certain threshold before you bust out.

Rebuys often lead to larger total prize pools being played for than would be standard for the initial entry cost. Rebuy tournaments generally feature more aggressive play earlier on as players do not face the prospect of elimination if they lose all their chips.

Shootout Tournaments

In this style of tournament, each table plays down to a single winner. Then table winners proceed to a finals portion of the event. So, if a tournament starts with sixteen tables, the sixteen table winners then compete elimination style until there is a winner. Shootout tournaments normally last several hours less that the other.

I have also seen other shootout tournaments that will play a certain number of hands or a certain amount of time before the round ends. Then, between the top 1 and 4 players are selected out of the 10 to advanced to the next stage of the shootout.


These are preparatory, mini tournaments. These mini tournaments are one of the strategies used by the online casino sites to attract poker players. Often the prize pool includes a seat for one of the biggest poker events for the year.

Many satellites at online poker rooms will offer a prize of a free seat into an expensive poker tournament ($100+ entry fee). The thing that makes these tournaments popular is the small chance to win a lot of money while you are only risking a small amount of money.

New Poker Tournaments

betonline-pokerI haven’t had anything like this to talk about for a while. First, there were too many online poker tournaments for me to promote any one in particular. Then, there is almost nothing to talk about because most poker sites aren’t open to me anymore.

However, I have found site that let me sign up for their new online poker tournaments. The site is named BetOnline and they are offering over $150K in guaranteed tournament prize money for the month of August. The best part is that since so many other poker players aren’t playing online, players like me will have a better chance to do well in these poker tournaments than normal.

There will be several tournaments that have guaranteed prize money per month. For any of these tournaments, a fixed amount will need to used to buy in whether real money or promo bucks.

You can also get a Tournament Bonus Guarantee from BetOnline. Deposit a minimum of $50 and you will receive 200 Promo Bucks of every $50 that you deposit. Max of 4000 Promo Bucks. You must request the promo bucks from their support within 24 hours of the deposit. These promo bucks can only be used on the guaranteed poker tournaments.

Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Need another reason to join? BetOnline has started offering daily freerolls called Hit & Run. These games are free to buy-in, however these tournaments may offer rebuys/add-on to players. All freerolls are on the hour and only the first 3000 entries will be allowed in. (FYI – there aren’t normally 3000 players that participate in these freerolls yet)

Here is how these freerolls work:

You will start with 1000 chips and blinds will go up every 8 minutes. There are re-buys allowed, which will give 2000 chips. There are also add-ons allowed; this will give you an additional 5000 chips.

BetOnline Tournament Schedule

BetOnline has a special event that you can use your promo bucks on lined up for each day of the week in August. On Monday’s, you can take advantage of Daily Freerolls; Tuesday’s are $1,000 Turbo Guaranteed, Wednesday is the $500 Guaranteed with a qualifier for the $10K tournament.

Thursdays are $1000 Guaranteed Tournaments; Fridays are the $500 Pop 2 Cash tournaments which sets up for the big weekend tournaments. On Saturday’s in August, you can play in the $4,000 guaranteed poker tournaments with you promo bucks and Sunday’s are the $3,000 guaranteed Turbo tournaments.


Doyle’s Room $150K Extreme Points Race

click here to play at Doyle's RoomDoylesroom.com is offering $150,000 that will be up for grabs this April. They are calling it the $150,000 Extreme Points Race and the winners are going to haul away some large amounts of cash. You will have a chance to win one of five large prizes.

All you have to do is play a lot of online poker. The game is a race to see you can get the most Frequent Player Points (FPPs) throughout this entire month.

Extreme Points Race Prizes

Here are the prizes that you have a chance to win:

Each of the 4 weeks this month will have a $25,000 Weekly Race. This $25k will be split between the top 200 players who finish with the most FPPs. The poker player with the most FPPs will get $1,500 to take home, the top 3 get over $1,000 each, and the top 60 get over $100 a piece.

Also, there is one Big $50,000 Monthly Race. This poker race lasts the entire month of April at Doyle’s Room. In this race, the top 300 players who accumulate the most FPPs have a chance to split the $50K prize pool. Top prize is $3,500 and the top 4 places get over $1,200. If you get in the top 15, you can take home at least $500 and the top 120 get $100 in cash.

How do you get FPPs?

At Doylesroom.com, you will earn 1 FPP for every dollar raked (accumulative amongst players) in a real money ring game. You will also get 7 FPPs per dollar paid in tournament fees.

You don’t have to worry if you are starting late. Each week you have a new chance to win some money in this April Extreme Points Race, but you need to start soon if you want to grab a piece of the Month long race $50K prize pool.

Click the banner above to become a Doyle’s Room member. For more poker news on Doyle’s Room tournaments check out pokernewsvine.com.

Strategies for Texas Holdem Tournaments

Every poker player who puts some effort into the game learns strategies which can make his winning odds better. Such strategies are definitely very effective but there are times when you need have something extra to emerge as a winner.

This something extra is a set of those extra special strategies which have the mettle to overcome the pro players. The ordinary game skills may beat the ordinary players but to beat players player who are more than ordinary, you need to have strategies which are more than ordinary themselves.

Let’s look at some strategies which can be useful on a table populated with good players:

  1. Unpredictability: The better your opponent is the easier it is for him to know your plans.

    When he sees you trying to change that expression on your face, he knows you maybe be trying to bluff. The moment he sees you looking at the small blind, he knows what your next more going to be.

    So, a very important is to make your moves unpredictable. Twist your strategies, make the steps less obvious and use your tricks at the right time.

    The right time is when your opponent does not expect you to do so. The important thing is to remember that even your opponent knows that you are trying to do the unexpected and you have to take special care to be truly unpredictable.

  2. Ending Math: It is essential to be good at math and to be able to do calculation fast.

    You have to keep working out the chances and the ways in which your opponent may try to exploit you. All the good players wait for the last part of the game to make their strong moves.

    Techniques such as SAGE system and Nash-Equilibrium are mathematic procedures which make it easy for a player to have a better idea of the final moves before they happen.

    These may not be very useful when playing on the normal tables, but play crucial roles in high stake pro games.

  3. ICM: This is another math-based technique which makes calculations easier and presents a clearer picture of the odds to players so that the best decision can be made.

    ICM stands for Independent Chip Model and this enable the player to understand the value of stake in terms of dollars instead of the number of chips in the stack.

    This is very useful for making long-term game plans.

  4. Watching the pros: Watch the pro tournaments whenever you can. Take notes of the strategies used by the players and the results of those.

    This first advantage of this is that you get to learn new tricks and strategies which make you stronger.

    The second and more important advantage is that you will get to know the strengths, weaknesses and playing styles of players who may be your opponents in the tournament.

    Knowing how your opponent players can be a major help if you want to outwit them.

If you are only concerned about online poker tournaments, you don’t have to worry about your tells the same way you would at a live poker tournament. Playing small home game tournaments will help you develop the skills and patience needed to win in a live tournament.

But above all this is practice and hard work. Just knowing the skills and strategies cannot help you. You have to master these techniques with actual practice.

Options for Australian Poker Players

Looking for a great Australian poker site? Try playing online poker at au.888.com.  This website is a sister site to 888 Pacific Poker and is particularly made for Australians. The site features a large pool of the best Australian poker players.

Au.888.com mainly offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo poker games and tournaments. They also offer a great texas holdem strategy guide.

They also hosts Sit & Go tournaments, which are mini poker tournaments for up to 50 players or so. Just sit down at a table and wait for the tournament to fill up. The tournament starts when all the tables are full.

You can also play single table sit & gos with only 9 or 10 players, which is a lot more like a home game. There are lots of tables available with different buy-in amounts for high rollers and modest bettors.

Au.888.com offers two ways to play online: you can either download their software and play poker using their program or you play instantly online using the flash version of their software.

Reasons to play at au.888.com:

888 has long been a leading online poker website, winning awards for Casino of the Year for 2007 and 2008.

Players get access to seven $500 USD first depositors freerolls.

Au.888.com offers a 100% poker bonus worth up to $400 USD. You receive 25% of the bonus right away!

A deposit of $50 into their account gains that player entry to the $1000 first depositor freeroll.

Win a seat to the 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship through one of the many satellite tournaments.

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