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Posted by Dave on August 3rd, 2011 filed in Poker Tournaments

betonline-pokerI haven’t had anything like this to talk about for a while. First, there were too many online poker tournaments for me to promote any one in particular. Then, there is almost nothing to talk about because most poker sites aren’t open to me anymore.

However, I have found site that let me sign up for their new online poker tournaments. The site is named BetOnline and they are offering over $150K in guaranteed tournament prize money for the month of August. The best part is that since so many other poker players aren’t playing online, players like me will have a better chance to do well in these poker tournaments than normal.

There will be several tournaments that have guaranteed prize money per month. For any of these tournaments, a fixed amount will need to used to buy in whether real money or promo bucks.

You can also get a Tournament Bonus Guarantee from BetOnline. Deposit a minimum of $50 and you will receive 200 Promo Bucks of every $50 that you deposit. Max of 4000 Promo Bucks. You must request the promo bucks from their support within 24 hours of the deposit. These promo bucks can only be used on the guaranteed poker tournaments.

Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Need another reason to join? BetOnline has started offering daily freerolls called Hit & Run. These games are free to buy-in, however these tournaments may offer rebuys/add-on to players. All freerolls are on the hour and only the first 3000 entries will be allowed in. (FYI – there aren’t normally 3000 players that participate in these freerolls yet)

Here is how these freerolls work:

You will start with 1000 chips and blinds will go up every 8 minutes. There are re-buys allowed, which will give 2000 chips. There are also add-ons allowed; this will give you an additional 5000 chips.

BetOnline Tournament Schedule

BetOnline has a special event that you can use your promo bucks on lined up for each day of the week in August. On Monday’s, you can take advantage of Daily Freerolls; Tuesday’s are $1,000 Turbo Guaranteed, Wednesday is the $500 Guaranteed with a qualifier for the $10K tournament.

Thursdays are $1000 Guaranteed Tournaments; Fridays are the $500 Pop 2 Cash tournaments which sets up for the big weekend tournaments. On Saturday’s in August, you can play in the $4,000 guaranteed poker tournaments with you promo bucks and Sunday’s are the $3,000 guaranteed Turbo tournaments.


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