Poker Destinations

Poker is without doubt one of the most famous card games in the world, played over kitchen tables, in clubs, casinos and even over virtual tables in online poker rooms. While some other card games, such as casino war, are based on chance, in poker it is skill that often decides who will end raking in the chips. And when skills are at stake, it’s a short way to a tournament.

Nowadays many players choose to play from the comfort of their own homes, visiting one of the online poker rooms. However for many players sitting by a real poker table seems more prestigious, allowing to truly mark your presence in the poker world and perhaps meet face to face with some of the best players there are. Not to mention that prize pools in major tournaments often reach truly astonishing sums. Therefore many choose to travel to often distant places to feel the unique atmosphere and put their skills and luck to the test in hope for fame and big money.

Prize pools benefit very much from buy-ins paid by players when they sign up to a tournament. But paying buy-in to a major poker tournament is often a big expense for an average budget. Because of that tournament organizers offer less wealthy poker players to qualify at a lower cost through satellite tournaments. Apart from that many online poker rooms and casinos offer special tournaments where a skilled player can win a package including not only a seat in one of the events, but also travel, stay in a hotel and some pocket money to enjoy your time in one of the famous casino resorts.

And if by any chance poker action and big money were not tempting enough, the destinations certainly are. The World Series of Poker, the most important tournament in the poker world takes place in Las Vegas, the ultimate destination for all casino fans. But other tournaments do not lag much behind. Poker Tour series organized by PokerStars on various continents invite players to casinos in Monte Carlo, Moscow, Sydney, San José in Costa Rica or an exotic casino resort in Macau. This way even if you are not the one to play at a final table, you can still indulge in the unique casino atmosphere in some of the most exciting places in the world.

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