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Posted by Dave on December 23rd, 2008 filed in Poker Software, Poker Tournaments

Online, all I play is turbo sit and go poker tournaments. In this style of internet poker, blinds go up every five minutes. When playing with friends at home in a live poker tournament, turbos are impossible to play. Five minutes will get you maybe two hands in with the amount of time shuffling, coloring up chips, placing blinds, and everything else.

So this weekend I got some guys over to play poker to celebrate my new basement. I had not hosted a live tournament in a while, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to manage blinds. This is how we always play, no matter how many players.

1. Start out with 1500 chips

2. Blinds go up every 15 minutes

3.Level – Blinds
1 – 5/10
2 – 10/20
3 – 25/50
4 – 50/100
5 – 100/200
6 – 200/400
7 – 400/800

For my poker tournament on Saturday, only 3 guys showed. I wasn’t sure what to use for blinds. I have used some different poker software downloads before where you can set the blinds manually, and act as a clock and alarm before. None of these offered advice or suggested what to set the blinds at though. I heard about this site Blind Valet on a couple of different poker forums, so I checked it out.

Blind Valet was one of the best poker tools I have ever used and the easiest poker software by far. I entered in how many people were playing (4), how many chips everyone should start with (1500), and we wanted 15 minute blinds. Blind Valet also asks for what the value of the poker chips you are playing with, so I entered those and clicked Calculate. Note: You can click on the images to see a larger version.

The next screen shows what the blind levels should be and how to distribute the poker chips to each player. I clicked on “customize tournament clock”.

This screen shows some customizations that you can do to the application. I was in a hurry to get the poker tournament started, so I didn’t test out any of these and clicked Launch Tournament Clock.

This program worked perfectly all night. No one had to keep track of when the blinds were coming up. The blind levels changed and updated automatically. One minute warning that blinds were going up. Alarm when the blinds are up.

The tournament blind structure that Blind Valet suggested worked out perfect. We were able to get in four games in four hours, and everyone liked the structure. If I would have used my normal structure we would have only played two.

You can click on any of the picture above to get a little better view of the screen shots. My pictures do not do this site any justice though, so just go check it out –

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